This site is developed to allow feedback from customers as to Nissan warranty, service and extended warranties provided and sold by Crest Infiniti in Frisco Texas . Customers are welcome to add their experiences with Crest Infiniti & Crest Nissan service department, vehicle warranty. vehicle extended warranties, sales, finance department, management and more. Information posted here will also serve as a record of both of complains or praise of the car manufacturer, dealership and warranty coverage. These reviews hopefully guide car buyers when choosing a car make, model or reputable dealership.

We have made efforts to consolidate reviews from around the internet relating to Crest Infiniti, Crest Nissan, Nissan and MPP warranties into one site so consumers can read as many reviews as possible prior to making a buying decision. Customers are welcome to post their own reviews of Crest Nissan, Crest Infiniti and Nissan vehicles, warranties and service.

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“Impeccable Service?”

1. Do want to spend hours waiting for an oil change, or to have a check engine light checked out?

2. Have a maintenance service schedule and wait hours at the dealership? Know your dealership.

3. Do your research.

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“Fixed it right then!”

1. Do you expect to have you car fixed right?

2. Did you have additional damages a result of having your car repaired or serviced?

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“Trusted Professionals”

1. Does the dealer staff treat you with respect, professional behavior and answer your questions?

2. Do service managers, finance department and general manager return you phone ccalls when requested?

“Did your manufacturer’s warranty or manufacturer’s cover your repairs?

Crest Infiniti Nissan Reviews

Attention this site is not part of Crest Infiniti, Crest Nissan or MPP. While it’s always best to do your own research before any major purchase many people just do not have the time or expertise to search the internet for reviews. Most negative reviews are made hard to find within a website. We hope to make that process easier for most customers. We hope this site at least lets you see other customers’ thoughts and reviews. Always beware!